We had to start somewhere.............

Once upon a time in a land long ago lived a "large group of people" (approx. everyone) in villages that were worried about what was going to happen in their futures.   It appeared to them that all was dark and unknown at the end of their "trade routes" (digital marketing practices). 

The villagers felt that without a clearer view of opportunities, that they could not properly get their "messages of friendship and peace"           (digital transmissions of product availability)
to the outer boundaries of the known lands.  Dark clouds (symbols of fear, uncertainty, and doubt) started to fly over the land.  The villagers started to take all kinds of "all natural dietary supplements" (do it yourself  digital marketing treatments of little or no value) created in their own "backrooms" (by expensive in-house and time delaying blacksmiths)

 One day a roving "group of conjurers" (team of digital professionals) advised the villagers that their "realms" (domains) could be saved if they would only take the time to "gaze upon" (research) their worries with the new and wondrous "tools" (the cool stuff) brought to them by this itinerant team of conjurers.

The village chief said that if the conjurers could relieve them of these
"Dragons of Doubt" (opponents marketing approachs) they would be rewarded generously.

DomainDesignWorks thought this offer a good thing and announced that they would help the villagers conquer their worries by pouring "the lights of knowledge"(visual intelligence) over each one.
The conjurers of DomainDesignWorks were able to use their tools to research what worried the villagers, obtain a better understanding of the cause and remedy, and turn those worries into a "Bag of Gems" (rare, colorful, and multifaceted transfers of information).

In the end when the conjurers had finished their work, they had helped the villagers create
"Portals of Light" (victory over the dragons of doubt) that illuminated each worry in order to see past the darkness and provide "vistas of hope" ( solutions).

After the creation of targeted "Signal Fires" (multifaceted social media channels and other stuff) along with "Digital Drones" (auto controlled marketing channel devices) they created a "Never Ending Story" (continuous monitoring and re-evaluation of goal oriented practices) that gave the village a new comfort zone for their activities and prosperity.
 Further tales of the Conjurers of DomainDesignWorks can be found on these pages.  Return often and enjoy our story. 
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