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 Social Media Mgmt 

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
Instagram, LinkedIn, and more .

We will review with you, your product, story, or business . We can then create content for your social media sites which we can update as frequently as you want. 

No staffing required on your part.  No need for
you or your entity to have to learn the
 intricacies of social media management
best practices.  We keep it as simple for you .

A free estimate will be created for you.  Get more for your budget dollars.  Use the Conjurers of DomainDesignWorks. 


Promotional Email Campaigns

 Promotional email campaigns will take your product, story, issue, or business right to the front door of the people you want to reach.  We can organize these campaigns for you and get the reports back to you as to who, when, what they clicked, and where they went after
 receiving your promotional email.
 We can manage your campaigns so that you or your staff do not have to learn another skill set and steal time from what they were originally hired to do.  Save money when you use the Conjurers of DomainDesignWorks, LLC

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